Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are the games played?

All games are played here in Port St. Lucie at R.D. McCorkle Field (Sportsmans). There are two fields which host games on Saturdays; Teams alternate which field they play on.

2. Where do the teams practice?


Teams practice at R.D McCorkle field or at additional fields in the immediate area.


3. When are the games played?

Games are played on Saturdays; please check the schedule for actual dates. The start times will vary by division. Times are rotating. 

4. What do I need to buy for my child to play or cheer?

Flag Football: Each player should purchase cleats.  1 mouthpiece, uniform (Jersey and shorts) are included in registration.

Tackle Football: Each player must purchase cleats and practice football pants/jersey. A 5 pad girdle may also need to be purchased (Depending on the type of football pants purchased). Game jersey, game pants, shoulder pads, 1 mouthpiece and a helmet are included as a part of registration.


Cheerleading: Uniform (top and skirt) and accessory package(hair bow, bloomers, socks, shoes and pom poms) are included in registration.

5. When will I know the game schedule?


The game schdule will be provided to you by your coach at the start of the season and will also be posted on this site.


6. When do teams practice?

Flag teams can practice two nights a week, while tackle teams typically practice four nights a week. Practice days and schedules will vary by team. Flag teams can practice up 1.5 hours per night, while tackle teams can practice up to 2 hours per night. Flag practices must end by 7:30pm. Tackle practice will end by 8pm. Your coach will inform you of the team practice days and times. Please note: for flag football, a player must participate in at least one practice during the week prior to the game in order to to be eligible to play in that week's game. For the tackle division a player must participate in at least three practices during the week prior to the game in order to to be eligible to play in that week's game.

7. How can I become a coach?


All Coaches here at Port St. Lucie Football and Cheer Inc. are certified through the USA Football and have passed a complete background check. The certification is obtained by attending an online instructional course. Tackle Head Coaches must have been an assistant in the league for one season before becoming a head coach.  All coaches must maintain current membership status with the USA Football to be on the sidelines during games.  We believe these qualification requirements for our coaches establish the safest environment in which to learn the proper way to play football. Coaches are selected prior to the season starting by the PSLAA Board of Directors.


8. What do I need to register?


All registrations require a birth certificate for each child being registered, ID of the legal guardian, and payment for registration.  


9. What are the age divisions?



Flag - 4,5,6 

Lower- 7,8,9 

Middle- 10,11,12 <105lbs

Upper  12>105lbs ,13,14 (14 year olds may not turn 15 prior to July 31st)



Flag- 4,5

Lower- 6,7,8

Middle- 9,10,11